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About StraDerm™

Straderm is an Italian brand owned by the company Research Lab Int, the leader in professional cosmetic products for beauty parlors. The centre of our production and laboratories is based in Veneto in the north-east of Italy in the company which can boast of over 40 years ‘experience in Italian and international cosmetology producing cosmetics, perfumes, BAA and medications for dermatological use.


High quality standards brought in from the area of pharmaceuticals and active ingredients with proven efficacy make Straderm’s formulas unique. They have been developed by specialists in dermatology and cosmetology and thus have a more intensive effect on skin and nail plate.

Straderm is the world’s first dermatological line for professional manicurists and pedicurists, which works on a cellular level and solves any esthetic problems.

The philosophy of Straderm’s products is determined by such principles as: maximum usage of active components of natural origin, convenience of professional application, high efficacy and safety.

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