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This product allows you to soften and remove cuticles easily and effectively. Rich in plant extracts and vitamins and boasting antiseptic properties, the product restores cellular metabolism and soothes skin, while its liquid gel
formula minimizes the chance of injury and cuts during a manicure or pedicure. Suitable for all types of manicures and pedicures.

Dispositivo per la rimozione delle cuticole

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  • Calendula Flower Extract (soothes irritated and sensitive cuticles during manicure/pedicure; has bactericidal and antiseptic properties).
    Yarrow extract (antimicrobial agent; promotes rapid restoration of cuticle and elasticity post-procedure).
    Keratin (works in germinal matrix of ​​nail plate; protects surface of nail during procedure).
    Bisabolol (soothing agent; reduces risk of skin damage by friction and other external contact, as well as the likelihood of inflammation; relieves irritation and soothes skin after manicure/pedicure; has anti-inflammatory properties).
    Panthenol (provides deep hydration; makes manicure safer by facilitating precise cut during combined manicure and machine manicure, i.e. prevents cuticle from tearing.)
    Biotin + B3 (complex of water-soluble vitamins; reduces/prevents dryness and flaking, keeping cuticle moisturized and soft after manicure/pedicure procedure; forms protective lipid mantle).
    Instructions for use: Apply product to cuticle, wait 30 seconds, move cuticle and start manicure. Rinse off
    remaining gel with water or wipe off with a damp cotton pad at end of procedure.NMF ComplexKeratin + B3BisabololYarrow extract

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